Jetski Licence Sydney
& PWC Licence NSW

Jetski Licence Sydney | PWC Licence NSW

In NSW, a jetski licence is a special licence known as a PWC Licence. This is required to drive a Personal Watercraft (PWC) regardless of what speed it is driven.

To obtain an initial PWC Licence, the General Boat Licence course and test must be passed first.

At Maritime Training School, the PWC safety course (or jet ski licence course) is a popular add-on to our General Boat Licence course or an upgrade for your General Boat Licence. Our 1 hour PWC course (or jet ski course) covers licence conditions, registration, trip planning, maintenance, safety equipment, and responsible use. For persons who already hold a general boat licence and wish to “upgrade” to a PWC licence, only the PWC Course (or jet ski licence course) needs to be completed and evidence of practical experience is not required. For persons who do not hold a general boat licence and wish to obtain a PWC licence, then both the general boat licence course and PWC courses must be completed.
NB. Young Adult PWC Licence A restricted licence for those aged from 12 to under 16 years who wish to drive a PWC. The same conditions, which apply to the General Young Adult Licence, apply to this licence. A Young Adult PWC Licence holder must be accompanied by a current licence holder when operating at a speed of 10 knots or more.
You Must be at least 12 years old to participate in this jet ski course and hold a General Boat Licence or General Young Adult Licence.