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Boat & Jet Ski Licences

Maritime Training School offer the boat license course in Sydney and Canberra as a one day course. Our qualified trainers will ensure you have a fun day out on the water. The boat licence course is designed for both the experienced and the newcomer, even young adults are catered for! Enrol online or over the phone today!

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Boat Licence NSW | Boat Licence Sydney

Boat Licence Course | NSW Boat Licence

Maritime Training School is a Registered Training Organisation approved by Transport for NSW to carry out boat and PWC licence training.

The boat licence NSW course and Boat Licence Sydney course offered by Maritime Training School are designed for both the beginner and experienced boating enthusiast alike. Our highly experienced NSW boating instructors will guide you through the NSW Boat Licence Course with step-by-step instructions that everyone can understand, both land-lubber and salty sea dog!

Why Choose Maritime Training School?

Maritime Training School have been providing maritime training since 2009 and our team of qualified trainers have up to 35 years of experience on the water. Whether you want a boat or jetski (PWC) licence, need some help with private training, or are looking to complete your Deckhand, Coxswain 1, 2 or 3, or Marine Radio course, we can help you.

NSW Boat Licence Course – Fun in the Sun! 

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NSW Boat licence courses are provided at the Maritime Training School’s Sydney headquarters, our qualified trainers provide everything you need in our popular one-day NSW Boat Licence course – and you get a great day out on the water at the same time.

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The NSW Boat Licence Course is designed for everybody. Whether you’re brand new to boating, or you’ve been messing around in boats since you were a kid, the course will suit you. Speaking of kids, a young adult boat licence is available from the age of 12, so kids are catered to as well. It’s a great family experience! Not to mention great peace of mind knowing that your kids know all the rules and can handle a boat competently as well.

Get Your NSW Boat Licence With Us

In NSW, when operating a powered vessel capable of travelling at speeds over 10 knots, you are required to hold a NSW boat licence. Canberra residents who use NSW waterways also need a NSW boat licence. You also require practical training and experience prior to undertaking the NSW Boat Licence test.

Live in Sydney or Canberra? Maritime Training Schools is one of the best places to get your NSW boat licence. Our one day boat licence courses provide all the training and testing you need to get your boat licence – and also give you a great day out on the water as well.

Whether you’re a complete novice or have had loads of practice on a mate’s boat already, the boat licence course will provide you with a wealth of information and give you the knowledge, testing and practical experience required to get that licence. Young adults over 12 can apply for a young adult’s licence too, so if the kids are keen, bring them along as well.

A boat licence NSW testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Boat Licence Course Components

Our Boat Licence Course covers many topics, but three of the units are nationally recognised as core competencies adopted by government marine safety authorities to promote the safe use of waterways and to contribute to awareness of boating safety. These competencies are featured in several courses, including Boating Services Certificates I, II and III, Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training, and Outdoor Recreation. The units of competency are:

  • Unit MEM50008 (Carry out trip preparation and planning)
  • Unit MEM50009 (Safely operate a mechanically powered recreational boat)
  • Unit MEM50010 (Respond to boating emergencies and incidents)

Other Components Of The Course Include:

    • Mooring and docking
    • Overloading
    • Anchoring
    • Navigation
    • Maritime rules and regulations
    • Safety equipment operation and regulations
    • Collision regulations
    • Basic marine radio

Plus much much more, including practical observations, tips and advice from our expert trainers who have had many years’ handling boats in all situations and all weathers.  A quick look at our General Boat Licence Information Student Guide here will give you a great idea of the type of information you will learn on the day.

Boat Licence Sydney

With Maritime Training School’s Boat Licence Sydney course, not only will you have everything you need to get your licence, you’ll have a great day out on the water as well. In Sydney, the theory component of the boat licence course is held in a few locations such as:

  • Mosman (we can also pick you up in Rose Bay or Cabarita and take you there)
  • Manly
  • Sans Souci

The practical component is held on our 6.5 metre training boat where you’ll do all the practical exercises required for your licence (on Sydney Harbour for the Mosman course, Botany Bay area for the Sans Souci course). Then it’s back to the classroom for the NSW General Boat Licence Test – a 50-question multiple choice test.

Once you’ve successfully passed the test you’ll have a completed application form to take to the Roads and Maritime Services office where your licence will be issued.

Enrol now by clicking here!


Boat Licence Canberra

Not only do Maritime Training School offer boat training courses in Sydney, but we also lead the way in offering maritime training in Canberra.

Canberra is technically in the ACT, and as such power boats are not permitted on the lakes. However there are many NSW waterways nearby, so a NSW General Boat Licence is often required. The Maritime Training School holds courses at the Dickson Tradies on a Thursday or Friday evening from 5pm to 9pm. You can then attend our one hour practical session at Lake Ginninderra on the following Saturday. CLICK HERE TO BOOK.

Boat Licence Central Coast | Gosford

Looking to get a boat licence in the Central Coast? Then boy have you come to the right place! If you head north from Sydney up the M1 you’ll find yourself entering the beautiful Central Coast. This playboys paradise is the go-to weekend destination for tired and jaded Sydney-siders looking to get away from the traffic and the noise of city life to enjoy some quality time out on the water. Drive just 40 minutes from the Pacific Highway turn off at Turramurra and you’ll arrive in Gosford, the ‘Capital of the Central Coast’. Gosford is a boom-town with over $1,000,000,000 (that’s Billion with a B!) worth of new apartments, high-rises and offices getting built over the next three years. Drive a further five minutes and you’ll find yourself at the Gosford Scout Hall, which overlooks the magical expanse of the Brisbane Waters. And it’s here you’ll find the Central Coast Boat Licence courses run by Maritime Training School. The practical component is held on our 6.5 metre training boat where you’ll do all the practical exercises required for your licence. Once you’ve successfully passed the test you’ll have a completed application form to take to the Roads and Maritime Services office where your licence will be issued.

So if you’re looking to get your boat licence in Gosford, or maybe your PWC licence is the thing you’re after? CLICK HERE TO BOOK.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Licence (upgrade from boat licence)

To get a PWC Licence, the General Boat Licence test must be passed first. You can do both courses on the 1 day with MTS.  If you already have your boat licence you can do the PWC licence as a simple upgrade. You then have to get your PWC licence from the Roads and Maritime Services office, just like a boat licence.

If you’ve ever been on holidays down or up the coast and thought that taking out a jetski looks like fun, you might be surprised to discover that you can’t just hop on – not unless you have a licence. That’s right. In NSW, a special licence is required to ride a personal watercraft (PWC) regardless of what speed it is driven. You can’t just go and get a PWC licence at your local fishing shop or service station either! 

Don’t wait till you’re on holidays to find out you can’t go buzzing around the waterways on a PWC! Add the PWC Safety Course on to your one day NSW Boat Licence Course and get it all sorted before you head away.

Private Maritime Training Also Available

If you’ve already got a boat and a licence, but feel like you need a few more trips with an experienced skipper before you take it out, we can definitely help out there as well. Or perhaps you want to take over the wheel on a hire or friend’s boat confidently and competently. You don’t need to own a boat to become an expert sailor but you do need some experience – especially if you’re the sole skipper in charge. We can also help with pre-purchase advice and boat delivery for when you do decide to get your own boat.

Want to Work on The Water? Start Your Career Here

At Maritime Training School we also provide training for the Maritime Operations certificate II Master <24m,  Certificate I (General Purpose Deckhand), Coxswain Grade 1, Coxswain Grade 2, AMSA Exemption 38 (maybe later referred to as ‘Coxswain 3′) certificates and the Marine Radio Licence. So if you love the idea of working on the ferries or one of the many marinas or commercial vessels around Sydney’s beautiful harbour, start your training now. Working on the water is a great life – we highly recommend it! For more information and registration select courses at the top left-hand corner of this site.

Australia’s Most Experienced Boat Trainers

Our trainers have had up to 35 years’ experience across a range of boats and situations including ferries, industry, commercial charters, fishing trailers, competitions, and the Navy. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in boats, but they’re also all great trainers. You’ll learn a lot – that’s guaranteed!

Flexible Training Schedules – You Can Change Your Booking if Required

We understand that things happen, and you may need to change the date of your course. This is easily arranged with two days’ notice – just give us a call, and we can arrange for you to do your course on another date.

Thousands Of Satisfied Customers

We know you’ll be happy with our maritime training courses, but you don’t have to just take our word for it! We have loads of satisfied customers who have let us know how much our courses have helped them. Here are just a couple. You can find many more on our testimonials page.

A Boat Licence NSW Testimonial.

A boat licence NSW testimonial from a satisfied customer.

A boat licence NSW testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Enrol With the Boat Licence Experts Today!

At the Maritime Training School, we love helping get people out on the water. Getting your boat licence is a great way to take advantage of the fantastic harbour we have right here – even if you don’t have your own boat. Having your own licence means you can take the wheel of a friend’s boat with confidence, or hire your own boat for the day. And if you want a career on the water, we can help there too. Don’t put it off any longer. Give us a call on (02) 9736 3655 and book your place on one of our fantastic courses now. We look forward to seeing you on the water!