AMPA Assessment New South Wales

AMPA Assessment New South Wales

The Australian Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA Assessment) is a competency certification the
Australian government requires you to have and keep in good standing to be able to work in Australian domestic waters.

Taking and passing the AMPA assessment proves you’re competent in the following areas: 

General purpose hand near coastal

Coxswain Grade 2 near coastal

Coxswain Grade 1 near coastal

Master less than 24 metres near coastal

Master (inland waters)

Marine engine driver Grade 3 near coastal

Marine engine driver Grade 2 near coastal

If you need your practical assessment, you’re in luck. As of 1 May 2018, Maritime Training School is now able to administer the new AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment. Previously only conducted by an AMSA representative, this assessment proves that the individual taking the assessment has achieved the domestic maritime certificates of competency.

Who Can Take the Final AMPA Assessment?

There are three scenarios that may relate to your current situation. If they do, you want to give MaritimeTraining School a call so you can earn your qualification course completion.
If scenarios two or three fit your current situation, give John a call on 0422 065 619 to book your final qualification practical. You can also choose to book in and do one of our qualification courses. This will help to ensure that you cover all of your qualifications.
If you choose to have Maritime Training School submit your Certificate of Competency on your behalf, we’ll help compile all of the necessary documentation and ensure that this documentation meets all of the requirements before we submit it to AMSA. You also have the option of submitting it on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

For completing a coxswain course, if a person currently holds a Cox 2 certificate of competency, would the person have to complete the AMPA for the four additional units required to complete the Coxswain Grade 1 course?

If the person completes the course but has not gotten their certificate of competency, this does not apply. This also doesn’t apply to oral examinations. Currently, oral examinations will cover the full NSCV Part D syllabus for the particular certificate of competency.

How is the Coxswain Final Assessment recorded on the AMPA?

Upon completing the Coxswain course, the certificate of competency’s name will go into the notes section. The Assessor comments section is where the course assessor will put the certification of competency’s name, the number, issue date, issuing authority and the location. An example is: Holds Coxswain Grade 2 NC #12345 issued on 6/7/17 by RMS/MSQ/AMSA in Sydney/Brisbane/etc. Also, the RTO keeps a copy of this certification along with a copy of the AMPA.
Are you ready to take your AMPA assessment or renew your certifications? If so, contact John at Maritime Training School. We’re ready and willing to help you complete and submit your certification and documentation, so you’re AMPA approved and certified.