Meet Our Trainers


SENIOR Trainer And Dijla Koutsouras

John and Dijla are the proud owners of Maritime Training School. John is a qualified trainer and has 15+ years of boating experience. Above all John and Dijlaś passion is focusing on teaching safety and achieving superior customer satisfaction.

Gregory Lowry

Senior Trainer
Greg holds a Coxswain 1, MED 3 Qualification with a School Pricipal and extensive Advanced Diver, First Aid back ground. Greg is our WA Manager who loves to come to Sydney to help us out with our courses. Greg is an amzing, patient and fun trainer who can make the most nervious person feel at ease.

Chris Ghalayini

Senior Trainer
Chris holds a Master <24m, MED 2 Qualification with an Army Marine back ground. He loves teaching marine qualification courses and getting involved with hands on practical training with our students. He is also the CEO of Poseidon Seas Group Pty Ltd, so if you want to embark on a party cruise, Chris is is the one to book with.

Mark Cummins

Senior Trainer
Mark holds a Coxswain 1 and Advanced Diver Qualification. With his strong back ground on work health and safety, Mark will make your day not only fun but very safe aswell. Mark loves the beach and has a great kiwi sense of humour.

Alexander Koutsouras

Alex is our youngest trainer. He has a wealth of personal boating experience as well as a Coxswain 1 and Trainer assessment qualification. His youth and fresh approach to training to all ages is very popular receiving many exceptional 5 star google reviews.