Meet Our Trainers

Trainer And Dijla Koutsouras
John and Dijla are the proud owners of Maritime Training School. John is a qualified trainer and has 10+ years of boating experience. Above all John and Dijlaś passion is focusing on teaching safety and achieving superior customer satisfaction.

Chris Lowe

Head Trainer
Chris has a wealth of experience with 35 years on the water and is qualified in Master Class 5, MED2 and has a Marine Radio Licence.

Paul Marrum

Senior Trainer
Paul is an avid fisherman who enjoys boating especially sports fishing trailer boats. He has a Marine Radio and General Boat Licence/ PWC plus 15+ years boating experience.

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Steve Louks

Senior Trainer
Steve has made a career of boating within the ferry’s industry and commercial charters. He has a Master Class 5, MED3 and Marine Radio Licence.

Mick Gardoni

Mick is an avid surfer and boater that has a natural ability to coach and mentor students. He has a General Boat Licence and is a qualified trainer.