Frequently Asked Boat License Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these frequently asked questions and answers before contacting our office.

How Long Does The Boat Licence NSW Course Run In Sydney?

All Sydney courses commence at 9am and finish at approximately 3.30pm. The PWC course takes another hour.

Will I Get My Boat Licence On The Day?

Only the NSW Roads and Maritime Services can issue the actual boat licence, so you will still have to visit their offices or post the form in to get your licence. However, by the end of the course, you will have completed the practical and exam components required for the licence. You will also have a completed application form that you can take straight in.

Can I Do The PWC Course On The Same Day?

Yes you can. The PWC course is about an hour long, involves a 15-question test, and has no practical element. Once you’ve passed the general boat licence test, you can then do the PWC course.

How Many Questions Are In The Exam?

There are 50 multiple choice questions in the general boat licence test. The PWC has 15 multiple choice questions.

Will I Pass The Exam?

We hope so! However, the exam is not designed to be easy. If you don’t pass the first time, our qualified trainers will explain any answers you got wrong and you can resit the exam. If you don’t pass the second time, you can resit the test again when the next course is run, at no extra charge. We want to make sure you can get out on the water safely and quickly.

Get A Head Start With The Boat Test Practise Quiz

This is a great way to get a head start and find out what kind of questions you’ll be asked. If you’re an experienced boatie, this is a good way to get a refresher of the regulations. Here’s a challenge – try it without reading up first, and see how you go!

What Happens If It’s Raining? Will The Course Be Cancelled?

If the rain is accompanied by a Category 4 or 5 cyclone, probably. But in our many years of training, we haven’t missed a day yet. Whatever the weather, we’re there. (Even more practical experience for you!)

What Will I Need To Bring On The Day?

You must bring proof of identification (POI). There are three types of POI documents: Full, Primary and Secondary. To obtain your licence, you must provide either one full POI document or at least one primary and one secondary POI document. If you are also going for your PWC Licence, you will need two passport photos as well. Otherwise, a hat, sunscreen and water for the practical component on the boat. And that’s it!