Canberra Boat Licence

Canberra Boat Licence Course

In Canberra, you are not allowed to use power boats on some of the lakes. However, a lot of Canberra’s residents use NSW waterways for holidays and entertainment. This means that if you live in Canberra, you are entitled to a NSW General Boat Licence. Maritime Training School provides training for all Canberra and NSW residents via two Canberra Boat Licence course options: 

Complete Your NSW Boat Licence Course in Canberra

Boat Licence Option 1 – Theory and Exam Only

The first Canberra boat licence course option at Maritime Training School is for students who would prefer to learn the theory face-to-face at the Crown Plaza, Canberra Friday evening from 5pm to 9pm. During this time students will learn the rules and regulations of operating power boats on the waterways. Students will also complete the exam on the night – this comprises of 50 multiple choice questions. As the requirements for the licence stipulate that you still need to complete a practical component, students are issued a logbook to complete. This logbook needs to be completed by someone who has held a NSW Boat Licence for a period of more than 3 years and they will need to take you on 3 separate trips to complete the hours and activities required. Once you have completed the logbook, you can take it with your certificate issued by us for the examination to Transport for NSW and they will issue your licence.

Option 1 – Theory and exam only You must be at least 12 years old to participate in this course.

Boat Licence Option 2 – Theory, Exam and Practical

Does option 1 sound too much? Don’t know anyone with a boat who can complete the logbook with you? Then our second Canberra boat licence course option is for you. Students will attend the theory course at the Crown Plaza Canberra on a Friday evening from 5pm to 9pm. Students can then attend a one hour practical session on the following Saturday to complete the practical component. Hourly sessions are run from Henry Rolland Park, Lake Burley Griffin ACT,  Practical time slots may start as early as 8am and go for 1.5h for each time slot.

Option 2 – Theory, exam and practical You must be at least 12 years old to participate in this course.

Personal WaterCraft (PWC/Jet Ski) Licence

Looking to get your jet ski licence as well? MTS hosts this course straight after the boat licence theory course at the Dickson Tradies. This is a popular add-on to the boat licence. Students will learn about safety operations of a PWC/Jet Ski before completing a short 15 question multiple choice exam.

PWC/Jet ski Licence Course You must be at least 12 years old to participate in this course.

"Get Your NSW Boat Licence and PWC Licence With Maritime Training School (MTS)"

Commonly Asked Questions

How long does the boat licence course run?

The courses commence at 5pm and are generally completed by 9pm. The PWC course will run directly after and should be completed by 10pm.

Do you provide meals?

Lunch is not provided. Please bring your own.

Do I get my boat licence on the day?

At the end of the course whether you are completing option 1 or 2,  you get a training certificate and completed application form. Once all the components have been completed, you take your application to Roads and Maritime Services NSW at Queanbeyan and they will process your licence over the counter. A paper licence will be issued in the interim whilst a plastic licence will be posted to you.

Can I do the PWC course on the same day?

Yes you can! The PWC course is theory only and no practical is required. Once you’ve completed and passed the general boat licence theory and exam, you can complete the PWC course.

How many questions are in the exam?

For the general boat licence course , there are 50 multiple choice questions. For the PWC there are 15 multiple choice questions.

What if I fail the boat licence exam?

If you fail the first time, our experienced trainers will explain any answers you got wrong and you can re-sit the exam. If you fail twice in the same night, you can re-sit the test again when the next course is run for no extra charge.

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