10 Boat Anchoring Tips Every Driver Needs to Know

One skill you need to learn before you start to drive your recreational boat is how to anchor it. It’s a good idea to check whether the boat licence course you take teaches this. Otherwise, you may be in quite a fix. Two reasons may make it necessary to anchor your boat – you may want to stop to have lunch, or to swim or fish, or you may need to stop to avoid bad weather or to prevent your vessel from going into shallow waters or other vessels due to wind or current. With a little practice, it becomes

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How to Choose the Right Anchor for your Recreational Boat

Have you just bought your first boat? Well, you need to purchase a few accessories for it too. And one item you simply cannot forget to buy is your boat’s anchor. It’s what you will need to stop your boat and keep it at a particular spot. But it’s difficult to find the right anchor for your watercraft if you have no idea about how to make the choice. And the variety available at the boat accessories’ store is sure to add to the confusion. Don’t fret; you just need to consider the right factors. What do you consider to

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