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Kick Start Your Career As A Coxswain With The Right Course

Do you prefer a life out on the open waters? Do you dream of a career as a in the boating sector? Do you wish to be in command of a vessel? If yes, you may be ideal for the position of a coxswain. But before you do so, you need to know where to start.

The word ‘coxswain’ is a derivative from the late Middle English (early 14th century) period. It combines two words – ‘cock’ (coque – old French) that means ship’s boat and ‘swain (sveinn – Old Norse) that means boy to create the complete word – coxswain, i.e., officer in charge of a ship’s boat and its crew.

Where do you start? The right thing to do is to enrol in a coxswain course that would help you attain the necessary knowledge, skills, and certification to get a job. Get to understand which course to opt for before you sign up for one.

You can opt for a course to become Coxswain Grade 1 or Coxswain Grade 2. Differences in what type of watercraft you operate, how much speed you can ride at, where you may take the boat, and whether you may carry passengers are a few of the points that distinguish the two grades of coxswain courses available.

Before you enrol in a coxswain course, you need to find answers to certain questions.


What does the course include? Whether you decide to enrol in a Grade 1 or Grade 2 Coxswain Course, you need to make sure that it includes every element that would be necessary to help you ace the exam and get your certification.

Usually, a coxswain course includes lessons on how to apply survival skills in emergencies, how to meet work healthy and safety requirements, how to follow environmental work practices, how to handle a vessel and apply appropriate seamanship skills, and how to operate inboard and outboard motors.


Which providers are ideal for you? You need to make sure that you enrol in a coxswain course available from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). These RTOs are approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and are ideal for the purpose.

You may check online for the available courses in your area. You may also ask your friends to find out an authorised provider. Choose a provider that fits your requirements and specifications. Just make sure you get the course done from the right provider; otherwise, it would be a waste of time, money, and effort.


Who are the trainers? You may have a knack for the sea service, but you still need to learn from the best. Before you enrol in a coxswain course, check the expertise of the faculty involved in the process.

Knowledgeable, trained, and experienced trainers can help you with the theoretical and practical parts of the course with ease and efficiency. Also, you would need to make sure that they have appropriate training in LLN requirements, so that they can guide you throughout the course.


Is it a difficult course to do? The best part about the coxswain course is that it is a great way to start your career in sea service. Whether you are a novice to this or have had some experience on sea, with the right course, you would become a pro in no time.

In a competent course, you would not need to prepare for anything. You would be able to do your assignments and get ready for evaluation in the classroom. No need to invest more time in anything once you have completed the course. Once you sit for the exam and get your certificate, you can start on as a coxswain.


What helps you qualify? After you have completed the course, you would need to provide evidence of sea service. Next, it is time for your oral examination with AMSA. Once this is completed successfully, you would get your certificate.

For the Grade 1 course, you need to prove 30 days of sea experience if you have completed the task book. But if you haven’t completed the task book, it goes up to 240 days. For the Grade 2 course, you have to prove 7 days of sea experience if you have completed the task book. If not, you have to prove 60 days of sea service experience.


What to do if you already have the skills? It isn’t necessary for you to go through every step if you think you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle the coxswain course without so much fuss.

For this, you need to get in touch with the service provider to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Whether you have acquired your knowledge from your study or from real life, you may save on a lot of time and effort if your prior learning is accepted. This quickens the entire certification process.


How much would it cost? It depends on the provider with whom you decide to enrol. Before you sign up, ask about the exact figures. And make sure they offer you the details of whether this is inclusive of everything or not.


A competent provider would give you a clear idea about how much you need to pay for the coxswain course at the start. They would also help you understand what it includes. Usually, the fee is inclusive of learning materials, face-to-face lectures, practical assessments, and sea survival training experience.


Once you are sure about every term of the course, you may enrol in it.


For some, it is difficult to take no notice of the open waters and the adventures that wait. Training to become a coxswain makes it easier for them to be part of the team that mans the vessel and begin on their journey.


For others, it is just an element of recreational boating that helps them to stay safe. Whether you are in it for your personal or professional interest, you are sure to learn the basics from the right course. And with the right provider, it would be a smooth sail for you from the start to the completion of the course.



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