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AMSA Exemption 38

Maritime Training School Exemption 38 can be conducted in 3 ways. Options 1 and 2 course delivery includes the 3 units that form part of the MAR20318 – Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal) national accreditation. Option 3 course delivery is a half to 1 day course (depending on your experience) that does not include any accredited units of competency and therefore would be invalid for a Coxswain 1 upgrade in the future. 

  • MARI003 – Comply with regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARK007 – Handle a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARN008 – Apply seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres

AMSA Exemption 38 course is aimed at people:

  • Who wish to acquire some of the required skills and knowledge to work as a Coxswain;
  • Who have a passion for driving boats and transporting goods on the waterfront or coast; or
  • Who want to operate as a Coxswain in a limited capacity.

AMSA Exemption 38

Limitations for AMSA Exemption 38

AMSA Exemption 38 is for limited maritime operations that undertake low complexity duties with operators having the following restrictions:

  1. Operate during daylight hours only
  2. Command a vessel <12m long and operate propulsion power for an inboard engine <100kW or outboard engine <250kW
  3. Carry passengers only in the following places and areas:
    • marina operations and a mooring areas in sight of the marina;
    • inland waters;
    • any waters in a tender or auxiliary that are within 1nm from a parent vessel and in sight of and in communication with the parent vessel;
    • any other waters approved by the National Regulator.
  4. Without carrying passengers only in the following places or areas:
    • places and kinds of water in Point 3 above;
    • smooth waters, including inland waters;
    • any waters within 1nm from each point of departure and within 1nm of the coast
    • any waters of an aquaculture lease approved by a State or Territory authority, and any approved waters used for the daily transit to and from the aquaculture lease for operation under this exemption;
    • any waters within 250 metres of a structure fixed to the shore
    • sheltered waters within 2nm from the coast.
  5. Tow persons only in the following area and situation:
    • any waters that are waterski areas approved by a State or Territory authority, with or without passengers; and
    • the vessel has propulsion power, for inboard and outboard engine, <500kW

Delivery of the AMSA Exemption 38 Course

This course will be delivered via three options:

  1. Blended learning – online resources and assignments followed by a 1-day practical training and assessment. 
  2. Face to Face 3-day course which includes practical training and assessment.
  3. Face to face 1/2 to 1 day course includes practical

The practical training and face to face course can be held at your business location that must be 9B compliant or at our selected training halls


  •  Documentation will be required to be completed by the student prior to accreditation such as an eyesight test AMSA Website
  • A general boat licence may be a good addition to the course
  • HLTAID003 ‘Provide first aid’ is required if carrying passengers

Cost of this course

Option 1: Theory online plus practical learning

  • $1000pp

Course bundle offer:

  • E38 + General boat licence $1200 (normally $1350 pp)

Add $95pp for PWC

Group booking discounts available

Option 2: Face to Face 3-day course

  • $1200pp

Course bundle offer:

E38 + General boat licence $1400 (normally $1550 pp)

Add $95pp for PWC

Group booking discounts available

Option 3: Face to face 1/2 day course includes practical

  • $550pp

Course bundle offer:

E38 + General boat licence $750 (normally $900 pp)

Add $95pp for PWC

Group booking discounts available

First Aid 

If you are carrying passengers a First Aid Certificate is required. This can be done with Maritime Training School and added to your course delivery.

  • $100pp

Option 1 Course Booking Link and Enrolment for Online training package which includes the 3 units of competency

You can enrol and book online by clicking on the below link:

MTS Qualification Course Booking

Options 2 and 3 Face to Face course bookings call 9736 3655

Payment Options

Payments accepted are: credit card VISA or Mastercard, cash or by electronic funds transfer to:

Maritime Training School

BSB: 012 445

Acc: 305110809

Ref: Invoice Number and your name

Payment plans are available via Studypay. Please ask one of friendly staff if you would like this option.

Additional Information

Some additional information relating to the AMSA Exemption 38 course can be found at the links below.

Ex38 Student Information

Ex38 AMSA508 Training and Assessment Criteria for the Practical Assessment