Your First Bass Boat: How to Make the Right Choice

Your First Bass Boat: How to Make the Right Choice

Bass fishing is a favourite pastime of many. If you have done it a few times from the bank, you are sure to know why. Want to indulge in it a little more? Just buy your own bass boat, get your boat licence and you are set for a fishing experience like never before.

But before you make the purchase decision, it’s important to be aware of what you want. And how to find the boat that matches your purpose and preference. How do you do it? Well, here’s a little update on a few things you need to know to buy the right bass boat.

Bass Boat Purchase Considerations

With the number of makes and models available, finding the right boat can be a lot confusing. It’s imperative to focus on the points that affect your fishing experience. Let’s try to learn a little more.

Weight – Check the dry hull weight from the rig’s specification sheet. Don’t opt for the too heavy options. But don’t go for the lightweight variants either. It won’t run well, especially when the waters choppy.

Beam – Choose a wide-beamed boat; it will be more stable whether it’s running or anchored for fishing. It will also be better balanced. And there will be loads of space inside for you, your buddies and your gear.

Material – Fibreglass is the preferred option when it comes to bass boats. But remember, it can be expensive. If the fibreglass vessels don’t fit your budget, don’t fret. Opt for an aluminium hull instead.

Construction – It’s best to opt for a boat made from hand-laid material. But again, it will be the costlier option. If it doesn’t suit, you can choose a boat made with the use of choppergun to spray chopped bits of resin and glass in the mould.

Trolling motor – Apart from the regular outboard, make sure your boat has this feature to ensure easy manoeuvre to stop at the right fishing spot. If you want to quietly sneak up on the fish, you cannot do it without this motor.

Fuel capacity – It depends on the length of the boat and the engine power. Make sure the fuel tank is adequate for the type of trip you plan. A 20 foot boat with a 200 hp engine will need about 50 gallon of fuel.

Additional features – When you are planning to go bass fishing, you cannot ignore features such as swivel seats, live wells and tackle boxes. Also, it’s better to choose a boat equipped with GPS and fish finders.

Bass Boat – How Much Should  You Spend?

Well, you get what you pay for. While some bass boats will fascinate you, some won’t. Just keep in mind – you need to stay within your budget. And the price tag isn’t the only cost you have to bear.

Once you choose a boat, you have to pay taxes, fitting, storage, maintenance, and many such things. And there is always the question of cleaning out your boat after every fishing trip and handling small repairs.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of the NSW boat licence course you have to take before you can take out your boat on the open waters. The course teaches you the basics of recreational boating and maintaining safety guidelines

Where Do You Buy A Bass Boat?

This is perhaps one of the most mind-boggling questions you face. It’s best to visit a boat show before you make the purchase decision. While you can compare shop from the dealers in your area, it won’t give you a glimpse of every option.

But when you visit a boat show, you are sure to catch every one of the best bass boats from all manufacturers and dealers. This broadens your choice. Don’t make a decision on your first visit. Choose a few options on display and get their specifications and prices.

Once you are at home, compare these details. Talk it over with another angler who owns their own boat. Ample research can help you find the boat of your dreams; and that too within the budget you have set for it