7 Reasons to Complete your Boat Licence Course with Us

7 Reasons to Complete your Boat Licence Course with Us

You need a licence to drive your boat at more than 10 knots. You need a PWC licence, along with the general licence, if you want to drive a powered watercraft. And we can help you complete the right course, pass the test, and get them both.

Why choose us? Let’s take a look at the reasons that make us a good choice.

Reasons1: We offer a Host of courses

 Yes, you can just take the NSW Boat Licence Course. Or, perhaps the PWC Licence Course after it. But that’s not all we have to offer. Several courses are available for individuals interested in learning new things.

If you are looking for a career opportunity in the maritime industry, our General Purpose Hand (Deckhand) Course may suit you perfectly. But if you are interested in learning about marine radios, the Marine Radio Licence Course may be more appropriate.

Reasons2: We combine theoretical and practical elements

If you think that you can easily memorise the question-answer portion of the test, and get your licence, you are a little mistaken. You need to have practical boating experience too.

Our aim is to offer ample theoretical knowledge as well as adequate firsthand experience to new learners. This makes it easy for them to pass the written test, comply with the practical boating experience requirements and be a safe boater.


Reason 3: We have knowlegeable and experienced trainers

 Meet our trainers, check out their wealth of knowledge and experience and understand why they are some of the best instructors available in this field.

Be it Paul Marrum’s expertise in sports fishing, Steve Louks’ proficiency in boating, Peter Smith’s Navy experience, or Tony Reynolds’ sailing acumen, each member of our team offers the best guidance.

Reason 4: We consider your location preferences.

Presently, we offer courses at five locations:

  • Suite 6, d’Albora Marina, Cabarita
  • St George Motor Boat Club, Sans Souci
  • Middle Harbour Yacht Club, The Spit Mosman
  • Lynne Park Ferry Wharf, Rose Bay
  • Dickson Tradies Union Club, Canberra

If these locations don’t seem suitable, just give us a call. And we will come to you!

Reason 5: We value your time.

The courses run from about 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. at all Sydney centres. The theoretical part of the courses at Canberra runs on Thursday evenings and the practical part runs on Saturdays.

But don’t fret if our course schedule doesn’t suit your routine. We understand the pressures of modern life. Just consult us, and we will arrange for classes on your preferred day, time, and even in the weekend.

Reason 6: We ensure value for money.

 What happens if you cannot pass the test? Simple; nothing! With us, you don’t need to pay us again if you don’t qualify the test the first time. Our students can take the exam twice a day, until they pass.

What happens if you aren’t proficient in English? Well, we will just get you an interpreter. What if you have language, learning and numeracy difficulties? Well, our trainers will guide you through with patience and care.

Reason 7: We make learning fun.

 Learning to drive a boat, or a PWC, isn’t all about the rules and regulations alone. It’s about the fun, the thrill, the excitement. Being too much engrossed by the learning part takes out the fun.

We, at Maritime Training School, understand that you want to get your boat drivers licence to enjoy a ride on your boat. And that’s why we strive to make the learning experience an enjoyable one.

Getting your licence isn’t a challenge when you have us with you.

Before you decide to take your loved watercraft out on the open waters, complete the boating safety course, and get your licence. It will help you learn what you need to know, and will also help you gain an insight into how to drive your boat.