Why Enrol in a Boat Licence Course

Why Enrol in a Boat Licence Course

Boating is a pleasant pastime. Be it with your family and friends, or alone, it is one leisure activity everyone loves. The opportunities are endless too – you can go on a leisure cruise, an adventure ride, a romantic rendezvous, or even participate in a race!

But before you take out your vessel on the open waters, you need to give a boat licence course a thought. Why? Well, a host of reasons make it necessary to complete the course before you drive a boat.

Let’s take a look at the reasons that make enrolling in a boat licence course necessary.

It is a rule

In NSW, if you operate a vessel that can reach the speed of 10 knots and more, you need to have a licence to drive it. This simple rule makes it necessary to enrol in a NSW boat licence course and get the paperwork done.

But that is not all. As per the new regulations implemented in June 2009, an individual cannot take a NSW boat licence test if he/she does not have practical training of handling a boat out on the waters.

Therefore, if you plan to go on a boating adventure alone or taking your family on a bareboat trip, you need to get your licence. Even better, enrol your family members in the course too. It is always a good thing if all of you know how to drive a boat.

It gives you theoretical knowledge.

Theory sure sounds boring! It’s true that you have to understand the basics and learn all about the serious safety aspects. But you won’t be bored if you choose the right course.

The informative portion of the course aims to help learners understand the way their vessel works. It also helps them realize what to do and what not to when out on the open waters. But when you learn all this onboard a cruiser, it is all the more fun!

Our theoretical class happens onboard a 60 ft cruiser – MV Silver Spirit; it sure is fun to learn in a classroom on the water! You can also take the class at our waterfront classrooms. We have courses at Mosman and Sans Souci.

Note: You can also get a pick-up and drop-off from Rose Bay and Cabarita.

It gives you practical awareness.

If you have been tinkering around boats all your life, you may have enough experience (you still need to do this part to get the licence though). If you are new to this, you are sure to have a great experience onboard our training boat.

This is the part where you put the classroom lessons into practice. Don’t worry if you haven’t done it earlier. Our team of instructors will ensure that you have a good time behind the helm and get adequate practice in handling, navigating, mooring, and managing a boat.

You can also join in with your partner or friends and be part of the learners group. You will be surprised at how much you can brush up on your navigational skills on this course. It also helps in keeping you updated about the latest rules and regulations regarding boating.

It helps you understand the safety aspect

What to do and what not to do is an important lesson to learn while you learn to drive your boat. When you go out on the waters, you need to take care of your safety as well as that of others around.

A NSW boat licence course can help you learn the safety basics of this activity. Be it on an enclosed water body such as a lake or an open water body such as the sea, you need to adhere to the safety guidelines effective in the area.

Clear idea about use of safety equipment is also another necessity you need to keep in mind. The know-how of what to use, and in what circumstances, can be a life-saver. Therefore, you need to learn the details of the safety gear too.

It ensures peace of mind.

Well, you won’t be allowed to drive a powered vessel on NSW waters unless you have your licence. But apart from this rule, there is a much greater factor at work. It is the consciousness that you know what you are dealing with.

When you enrol in a boat licence course, you may or may not have a clear idea about how to drive a watercraft. But once you complete the course, pass the test, and get your licence, you have the awareness that you can drive a boat safely.

Confidence in any task is essential for its success. With the knowledge you gain and the experience you gather from the course, you attain the level of assurance necessary to indulge in your love for boating.

Take the course now; it is easy, affordable, and effective at preparing you for boating.

Once you have completed the theoretical and practical parts of the course, you need to take the NSW General Boat Licence Test. If you have grasped the knowledge imparted, you’ll easily be able to answer the 40 multiple choice questions on the paper.

If not, you can take the test a second time, after you understand and analyse what you missed and why. If you aren’t successful the next time either, you can take the course again. We won’t charge you for it this time!

Next, take the paperwork to the Maritime and Roads Service and get the NSW boat licence.