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Want to learn about the variety of recreational boats? Want to have a go at constructing your own watercraft? Want to get your NSW General Boat Licence? Want to make sure everyone on board is safe and secure? Want to upgrade your general licence to PWC Licence? Whatever you wish to learn, you will find every relevant detail here.

If you want to cruise through the NSW and ACT waters in your recreational watercraft, you need to have a boating licence. And the Maritime Training School helps you get just that. We can also help you get appropriate and adequate training in other specialities, such as the General Purpose Hand Course or the Marine Radio Licence Course, which will help you make a career in the maritime industry.

Want to have some fun driving your personal recreational watercraft? Or want to start building your career in the maritime industry? Whatever your dreams and aspirations, we can help you achieve them. Start your journey with us to reach your goals, and make the most of the experience while it lasts.