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We offer an easy to follow and comprehensive beginners General Boat License (GBL) course that will allow you to operate a variety of power boats including: tinnies, small runabouts and cabin cruises through to larger motor and sailing yachts. We offer the additional option to obtain a Personal Watercraft license (PWC) as well as the ability for personalized training on our vessel or yours with a private session.

MTS Manly recognizes that everybody learns at different paces and styles. Our coursework supports a variety of students regardless of prior experience, age and ability.

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MTS Manly runs mid-week (day and evening) & weekend courses which encompasses 2 options. Theory and exam only or . Theory, practical boat tuition and theory exam (No log book required). Theory is conducted at Manly Library  which is in a convenient & central location adjacent to one of three large carparks and close to public transport, cafes, restaurants & other entertainment facilities. Practical Boat Tuition is across the road from world famous Manly surfing beach & an easy 2 min walk through the Corso to access our training vessel.

General Boat License (GBL) Option 1- Theory And Exam Only

Boat Licence Option 1 – Theory And Exam Only

The Manly boat licence course option at Maritime Training School is for students who would prefer to learn the theory face-to-face Friday evening from 5pm to 9pm. During this time students will learn the rules and regulations of operating power boats on the waterways. Students will also complete the exam on the night – this comprises of 50 multiple choice questions. As the requirements for the licence stipulate that you still need to complete a practical component, students are issued a logbook to complete. This logbook needs to be completed by someone who has held a NSW Boat Licence for a period of more than 3 years and they will need to take you on 3 separate trips to complete the hours and activities required. Once you have completed the logbook, you can take it with your certificate issued by us for the examination to Roads and Maritime Services NSW and they will issue your licence.
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Option 1 – Theory and exam only You must be at least 12 years old to participate in this course.

Option 1 at Maritime Training School is approximately a 4 hour course. Class starts at 5:00pm and finishes at approximately 9:00pm. The course consists of 3 hours of theory at Manly Library. 15 minute lunch break. 1 hour multiple choice exam (50 questions).
On course completion you receive a Practical logbook and your RTO approved completed application form which is valid for one year.
A skipper of at least 3 years experience will need to take you out on 3 separate occasions and have the log book completed OR

You can book in a once off practical with Maritime Training School which will satisfy all RMS requirements.

The form can then be taken into a Roads and Maritime Office (formally known as NSW Maritime and RTA) or you can post it in.

General Boat License (GBL) Option 2- Theory, Exam And Practical

Boat Licence Option 2 – Theory, Exam And Practical

Option 2 at Maritime Training School is for students who would prefer to learn the theory face-to-face and complete the practical boat tuition on our training vessels. No log book is required for this course option. Class starts at 9:00am and finishes at approximately 3:30pm. At our Manly location, you will learn how to safely drive our vessel being a newly refurbished 6.5 BRIG Rigid Inflatable boat (RIB) in some of Australia’s most beautiful natural environments and amongst a variety of local native marine life like penguins in their nesting habitats, dolphins, seals, many species of fish including Blue Groper, Cuttlefish, Kingfish, Sting Rays and protected species like Sea Dragons and Black Cod. Depending on the season, you may even see whales who occasionally venture into Manly through North Head.

Personal Water Craft License (PWC)

A popular add-on or upgrade to our General Boat License Course
For persons who do not hold a general boat license and wish to obtain a PWC license, then both the general boat license course and PWC courses must be completed
This is a one hour theory based course with no practical component
Multiple choice exam questions (15 questions)
If you successfully pass the general boat license course, you can complete the PWC course straight afterwards.

Private Boat Training

Click on the link Private Boat Training to organise a tailored session with the option to use our boat or yours anywhere in Sydney.
Manly is a diverse and unique location which allows you to get most out of the course, especially if you choose the course option that includes the practical component. While being assessed, you will be in the vicinity of some of the most beautiful hidden treasures of Sydney Harbour including national parks, significant historic sites like Quarantine Station (established in the 1820’s), sacred Aboriginal sites, iconic scenery and heritage listed fleet vessels such as the world-renowned iconic Manly Ferry. You will also be able to drive to areas like Spring Cove which can only be accessed by boat.
You will have a diverse range of real-life environments to practice your new skills amongst – from tranquil, clear, turquoise waters, estuaries, bays and pristine beaches to learning how to operate a vessel safely in a busy environment with heavy commercial and recreational traffic
Adam is the Senior Trainer at MTS Manly. He has had a passion for the ocean from a very young age and has been driving boats since he was 6 years old. He is also a certified Surfing Instructor with Surfing Australia and a Scuba Dive Master with PADI. He is local to Manly and was born and bred there with excellent knowledge of the area and surrounding waterways.
Adam has been employed by NSW Maritime since 2007 where he has held a variety of on-water roles including teaching, mentoring, training and assessing since 2007. He is attentive, patient and excels at making kids and inexperienced students feel comfortable and confident.
Adam has been working as a full time Mariner since 1993 and has acquired over 28 years in command, operating a range of recreational and commercial vessels including water taxis, high-powered jet boats, fishing vessels, charter boats and super yachts both here in Sydney and up and down the east coast of Australia. This includes over 10 years of experience throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas including multiple transatlantic crossings.
Adam is the recent recipient of a Bravery Award from the Royal Humane Society of NSW, presented to him by his Excellency the Honorable Governor General David Hurley at an official Investiture Ceremony in Government House, for his actions in rescuing and resuscitating a passenger who had fallen off a charter boat under the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night rendering her unconscious.
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