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Enrol Now to Australia's #1 Boat Licence Course(02) 9736 3655

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Why Enrol In A Boat Licence Course

Why Enrol in a Boat Licence Course

Boating is a pleasant pastime. Be it with your family and friends, or alone, it is one leisure activity everyone loves. The opportunities are endless too – you can go on a leisure cruise, an adventure ride, a romantic rendezvous, or even participate in a race!

But before you take out your vessel on the open waters, you need to give a boat licence course a thought. Why? Well, a host of reasons make it necessary to complete the course before you drive a boat.

Let’s take a look at the reasons that make enrolling in a boat licence course necessary.

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Kick Start Your Career As A Coxswain With The Right Course

Do you prefer a life out on the open waters? Do you dream of a career as a in the boating sector? Do you wish to be in command of a vessel? If yes, you may be ideal for the position of a coxswain. But before you do so, you need to know where to start.

The word ‘coxswain’ is a derivative from the late Middle English (early 14th century) period. It combines two words – ‘cock’ (coque – old French) that means ship’s boat and ‘swain (sveinn – Old Norse) that means boy to create the complete word – coxswain, i.e., officer in charge of a ship’s boat and its crew.

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7 Reasons To Complete Your Boat Licence Course With Us


You need a licence to drive your boat at more than 10 knots. You need a PWC licence, along with the general licence, if you want to drive a powered watercraft. And we can help you complete the right course, pass the test, and get them both.

Why choose us? Let’s take a look at the reasons that make us a good choice.

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