Boat Classification: How to Determine which Boat you Need

Recreational boating is one of the favourite pastimes for many; whether you want to go on a solo adventure, a fun fishing trip with your family, or a leisurely luxury cruise with your business partners, you need to have the right watercraft for the ride. A gleaming vessel of your own is sure to be your greatest possession! Before you make a purchase, you need to have a good idea about what you want from your boat. Only when you have a clear conception that the boat you select will serve its purpose, you can make an informed decision. Let’s try to classify boats as per the activities they are suited for. For Adventure:  The first one that comes to mind is the personal watercraft (PWC); equipped with planing hulls, these are designed for those who love the idea of some thrill on the waters, be it tubing or waterskiing. Ideal for solo travellers, the PWC is also available in designs that can accommodate up to 3 individuals. Bowriders are good if you want to go on a swimming adventure. With a platform at the stern, it is easy to get in the water or put on your skis. Or, you can just enjoy the breeze in the spacious bow area as well. Another great choice for skiers and wakeboarders is a sturdy boat with a powerful engine to tow one or more individuals. But while they look similar, ski and wakeboard boats have different placement of the engine, propeller, and hull. This is

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