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Indulge In The Joys Of Sailing In Sydney Harbour

Indulge in the Joys of Sailing in Sydney Harbour

Sparkling waters, splendid weather, iconic architectural marvels, and a host of activities to indulge in – the Sydney Harbour is ideal for a sailing expedition.  Taking out your sailboat to explore the beauties of the largest natural harbour is sure to be a rewarding experience.

But before you set out, consider what kind of a sailing voyage you wish to go on. With famed landmarks, virgin beaches, secret coves, and interesting islands, the Sydney Harbour presents endless choices, sure to suit every taste and whim.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best ways to enjoy sailing on these lovely waters.

Explore the waters bareboat: Chartering a boat with an experienced crew is good, but doing it all on your own can be great. When you wish to experience the beauteous nature on your own or seek some solitude, take out your sailboat on the waves, and go alone.

You can do whatever you please when you go on a bareboat adventure. Sail around the well-loved landmarks, visit the historic Cockatoo Island, or go ahead and discover some hidden bay, the world is your oyster when you are on your own.

But keep in mind, safety is a concern if you are alone on the waters. Make sure your sailboat is in perfect shape, check the safety gear on board, and let your family and friends know where you are, and when you will be back.


Experience the adored attractions: Be it the stupendous Sydney Opera House or the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge, you cannot miss the opportunity to get a good glimpse at the beautiful architectural wonders of the area from the water.

You can enjoy a day out enjoying the scenic views of the Sydney Harbour. Or, you can go out on a trip to any of the islands that dot the area. Rich in aboriginal culture and historic structures, these islands offer the perfect destination for a day of exploration.

See the Martello Tower, crafted from sandstone, in Fort Denison (it is one of its kind in Australia), visit the Clark Island, originally conceived as a vegetable garden, or camp out at Cockatoo Island, a designated UNESCO heritage site.


Have fun with your family: Today’s hectic schedule often results in the loss of quality time with family. Why not plan a family outing on a sailboat? Plan activities that your kids will love, and you can have a great holiday.

Sail under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, take them to the Taronga Zoo, visit the Fort Denison’s museum – the kids, and the adults too, will love exploring the interesting points sprinkled around the Sydney Harbour.

On board, involve your kids in the sailing expedition. Let the little ones handle jobs such as cleaning the deck with a ‘real’ mop while the young adults can help you with the sails, knots, and so on. Let them be a part of the adventure and have the time of their lives.


Go on a romantic rendezvous: Sailing into a dazzling sunset with your beloved by your side can be the ultimate romantic getaway. And the Sydney Harbour with its panoramic views presents just the right setting for such a journey.

You can also find a secluded bay where you two can enjoy a picnic on the sand, swim and snorkel, and then watch the sunset together. Hop on board your boat to get back home. Or, you can stay the night in the boat’s cabin.

Another great choice is to go camping in Cockatoo Island. Choose a luxury house or apartment for an overnight stay. You can also decide to camp out on the open just beside the harbour and wake up to a spectacular view.


View a regatta up close: Be it the famous Sydney Hobart Yacht Race or the Sydney Harbour Regatta, you can always catch the action best from the waters. If you are good at handling a sailboat, you can take your watercraft on your own and enjoy the races.

Numerous yacht clubs also offer races for the enthusiasts. Here you can participate in a group and try your hand at racing a yacht. The thrill of adventure, the spray of salt water, and the charming sea breeze add to the experience.

Whether you are watching a race or participating in it, you need to be aware of what you should and shouldn’t do. Do not, in any way, jeopardize your safety as well as that of others. Remember sailing is fun, as long as you stay safe.


Watch the wonderful whales: Setting sail with no engines running gives you the best opportunity to meet the friendly marine creatures such as humpbacks, Minke whales, Southern Right whales, dolphins and fur seals.

If you are lucky, you can also catch a glimpse of the fairy penguins. But keep in mind that whale watching needs patience. Moreover, you cannot reach out to them, as it may disturb the creatures. You need to let them come close to you.

Interestingly, these creatures, especially the dolphins, are intrigued by boats, and often come close to observe humans, just as you wish to go to meet them. Just make sure you don’t disturb them in any way, and enjoy the encounter.


Catch the fantastic festivities: Watch a fabulous fairytale come to life during the Vivid Sydney festival in winter. Illuminated icons on the Sydney Harbour create an incredible display that marks the magical celebration.

You can also choose to set sail on New Year’s Eve to catch the sight of an amazing fireworks display at midnight. Spend the day cruising around the attractions on the harbour, and get a good spot to view the fireworks during the evening to make it a memorable journey.

But remember that the crowd is heavy at both the times, so it is best to be on your guard while you sail. Stay cautious and stay away from your drinks. Safety is of prime importance if you are planning to enjoy the Sydney Harbour’s attractions and activities for a long time.

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