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How To Choose The Right Personal Watercraft

Are you planning to buy a personal watercraft (PWC)? Whether you are an amateur or a pro, it can be a great ride to enjoy the outdoors. However, this is only possible if you make the correct choice. The problem is – with the endless options available, it can be difficult.

Your first task is to identify your likes and dislikes with regard to the boating lifestyle you wish to lead. Next, you need to consider what features and functionalities you require.  And last, but definitely not the least, is how much you want to spend on your PWC.

Let’s try to find out which personal watercraft would be ideal for your use.

  • What is your riding style? Every individual has a style that reflects in the PWC of their choice. Whether you are a conservative rider, a little playful or an aggressive one, you need to find a craft that suits your specific style.
  • Do you want to ride alone or take others with you? Personal watercrafts are built to carry 1, 2, or 3 passengers. Decide whether you wish to enjoy the waves solo or take a partner or two before you go out to buy one.
  • Where would you ride your PWC? Numerous makes and models of these crafts are available. Determine whether you want to take out on calm waters of the lake or choppy waters of the ocean to make sure that your boat performance is at its peak.
  • Is speed a chief concern? Some like it slow and steady; others like it fast and furious. It is important to understand which one you like to make sure you choose the personal watercraft that works as per your preferences.
  • How long do you intend to ride? If it’s for a short duration, a simple craft would do. But if you plan to go on long rides, it is best to focus on the sturdiness of the built and the durability of the PWC to ensure your safety on the waters.
  • Do you plan to participate in tow sports? PWCs are great to tow tubers, water-skiers and wake boarders. Pay attention to the capacity of the craft as well as features such as rear-view mirror and spotter-seat with grab handles.
  • How important is comfort? A proper seat, easy to grab handlebars, easily viewable gauges and switches – every little detail matters when it comes to the comfort a watercraft offers. Make sure you are comfortable with the craft before you make the purchase.
  • Is ease of handling necessary? Manoeuvring and docking the personal watercraft needs to be a breeze. If it is too difficult at the beginning, it would only become more of a hassle with each passing day.
  • Do you need the latest innovations? Braking solutions, off-throttle steering, speed limiting mechanism, the list of innovative ideas for PWCs is endless. Most owners love the idea of incorporating the best features and functionalities in their craft.
  • How much do you intend to spend? The most important consideration of all is perhaps the budget you have. Enjoying the thrill of riding a personal watercraft through the waters comes at a price. Make sure you set a budget before you start your search.


Next, comes the question – how do you buy a PWC? Here are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Where do you buy it from? You can find these crafts at a boat show, at a boat dealer’s showroom, and online. Find out the details about the features and functionalities. Take it out for a test ride. And choose the one you think fits your requirements and budget.
  • Is a new or a pre-owned PWC the right choice? Well, this depends on choice. Most first-time owners wish for a brand new craft. But if you can find a used craft in good condition at a competitive price, it can be the right choice.
  • If you plan to buy a pre-owned personal watercraft, make sure you get a professional to inspect it. This would help you get a clear idea about the condition of the craft and understand whether it is a good purchase or not.
  • Also, ask whether the seller has the title of the craft. If yes, you can go ahead and make the purchase. If not, don’t buy it. You would need to register the PWC with the maritime authorities, something you cannot do if you don’t have the title.
  • Do you need a licence to operate a PWC? In many areas, e.g., in Australia, you need to have a PWC licence to operate this craft on the NSW waters. Check with the local maritime authorities to learn how to get a PWC licence before you take your craft to the waters.
  • Certain areas may be off limits for a PWC. You need to ask about the areas where you can take your craft for a ride through the waters. A licence course would be able to help you understand these details too.
  • Also, check what rules and regulations apply on the PWC before you take it out for a ride. This would help ensure that you don’t get into trouble as well as make certain that your or anyone else’s safety isn’t at stake because you don’t know the dos and don’ts.
  • Where do you store it? One of the best advantages of a personal watercraft is that it can be transported and stored with ease, because it is much smaller than a boat. You can keep it in your garage or the backyard when you don’t use it.

Riding through the waters on a personal watercraft is fun. Moreover, with the easy availability, array of features, flawless functionalities, portability and durability, and affordable cost, the PWC is a popular choice for enthusiasts.

Don’t wait to experience the thrill of the open waters on a speed ride! Select a craft that suits your style, offers comfort and convenience, and fits your budget to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

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