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MAR10418 – Certificate I in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 2 Near Coastal)

Delivery Structure

Students must be 16 years old or more to participate in this Coxswain course

This Coxswain course is delivered in a blended format i.e partly completed at home in your own time using an online training package and partly completed on our training vessels.

Once you have completed the online enrolment and paid the prescribed fee you will be able to register with a username and password that will provide the gateway to your online learning resources. These resources are available to you even after course completion for an unlimited time for your future reference.

The online training package has assignments and assessments where resources are provided. There may be some extra research required by you for which you can conduct using the Australian Boating Manual which is also provided to you free of charge upon enrolment.

Each unit also has a practical component, these components are conducted as part of the AMPA (AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment) requirements which will be covered through out the course.
Students will receive:

A dedicated trainer
All the learning resources necessary to complete the course
Sea Survival Practical 
First Aid (Optional)
Fire Fighting Practical
Copy of the Australian Boating Manual 5th Edition 2015
Marine Radio (optional)
AMPA Finalisation

The total amount of practical days will be 3 plus 1 day AMPA and will be scheduled accordingly.

Coxswain Course Cost




AMPA Application Fee


First Aid HLTAID003 (Optional)


Marine Radi0 VHF Certificate of Proficiency (MROVCP) (Optional)


Course Booking 

Please enquire by emailing at:


OR calling 02 97363655

Payment Options

Payments accepted are: credit card VISA or Mastercard,  cash or by electronic funds transfer to:

Maritime Training School

BSB: 012 445

Acc: 305110809

Ref: Invoice Number and your name

Payment plans are available via Studypay. Please ask one of friendly staff if you would like this option.

Duties authorised by the certificate

The holder of this certificate can:

(a) command and operate engines of a vessel <12 m long that is not carrying passengers:

(i) in sheltered waters or within 5 nm from point of departure, shore base or aquaculture lease; and

(ii) with propulsion power:

  • for an inboard engine – <100 kW unless endorsed to <500 kW inboard propulsion; or
  • for an outboard engine – unlimited

(b) command and operate the engines of a vessel that is not carrying passengers:

(i) as a tender or auxiliary vessel within 3 nm of a parent vessel in the EEZ; and

(ii) with propulsion power:

  • for an inboard engine – <100 kW unless endorsed to <500 kW inboard propulsion; or
  • for an outboard engine – unlimited

Sea service – Coxswain Grade 2 (NC)

AMPA Assessment New South Wales

Sea service required for a Coxswain Grade 2 NC. The applicant must have at least:

  • 7 days qualifying sea service on commercial or recreational vessels, and a completed approved task book; or
  • 60 days qualifying sea service on commercial or recreational vessels. Note: applicants completing task books must have them signed off by a qualified supervisor; this includes any tasks completed on a recreational vessel.

 Possible restriction – Coxswain Grade 2 (NC)

Restricted to daylight hours

 A certificate will be restricted to daylight hours:

  • if the person is colour vision deficient.

 Endorsement – Coxswain Grade 2 (NC)  

A Coxswain Grade 2 NC can be endorsed to command a vessel with inboard propulsion power <500 kW if the person:

  • completes the Certificate II, Coxswain Grade 1 NC engineering units of the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council Ltd maritime training package.

Note: the engineering tasks in the task book must be completed to be considered for the task book option for qualifying sea service.

Command a passenger carrying vessel

A Coxswain Grade 2 NC can be endorsed to carry passengers while in command of a domestic commercial vessel within the limits of a Coxswain Grade 2 if the person:

  • Holds a certificate for the HLTAID003 unit of competency Provide first aid or another certificate that the National Regulator considers equivalent; and
  • Completes 30 days’ qualifying sea service on commercial vessels ≥5 m long while working in a deck, or deck and engineering, capacity on board, and a completed approved task book; or
  • 240 days’ qualifying sea service on vessels ≥5 m long while working in a deck, or deck and

engineering, capacity on board, of which all may be accrued on recreational vessels.

Note: Unless your certificate is endorsed to carry passengers, you cannot command a vessel carrying passengers.

Qualifying Sea Service and Task Books

Sea Service will be assessed using the National Standard for Commercial Vessels PartD,

Crew Competencies. Please note that the applicant must accrue at least half

of the qualifying sea service required for the certificate in the 5 years before the application.

For further information on this document and access to additional information on qualifying sea service and task books please refer to the AMSA website www.amsa.gov.au

 Final assessment

Candidates are required to undertake a final assessment conducted by an AMSA approved RTO

approved assessor before being issued a certificate of competency.Candidates who successfully complete all requirements for an NSCV Part D certificate of competency including the final assessment will be provided with an interim Certificate of Competency.
The criteria and competencies covered in a final assessment are included in the relevant tables of the ‘Skills and Knowledge required for NSCV Certificates of Competency Part D Crew Competencies’ document, which can be found on the AMSA website.

Application for Certificate of Competency

If lodging an application in person:

The applicant must complete and provide the information required by the Application for a Certificate of Competency (AMSA form 534). Completing this form and providing the information required will help the applicant demonstrate he or she meets the eligibility criteria for the issue of the Certificate of Competency.



  • Be at least 16 years when the certificate is issued;
  • Provide evidence of sea service accrual in the form of:
  • An application for a Qualifying Sea Service Assessment (AMSA form 560); or any of the following:
  • A declaration in a form acceptable to the National Regulator;
  • An approved sea service log book or task book;
  • A letter, from the operator, owner, master or chief engineer of a vessel detailing the applicant’s sea service
  • Self-Declaration of Medical Fitness (AMSA form 558);
  • Eyesight Test Certificate Application (AMSA form 542);
  • Certificate 1 – Coxswain Grade 2 issued by an AMSA approved training organization;
  • Pay fee/s.

You also will be asked to provide an application for a certificate of competency, proof of identity and two passport-style photographs taken in the previous six months.

Certified Copies

A certified copy is a copy of an original document (not a copy of a copy) that has been certified as a true and correct copy by a person who is authorised to witness a statutory declaration (see list below).

Certified copies can be obtained by presenting the original document together with a photocopy of that document to an authorised person for them to sight and certify.

Persons who are authorised to witness statutory declarations (under the Commonwealth Statutory Declarations Act 1959) include:

  • Accountant (Chartered or Certified)
  • Clerk of a Court
  • Commissioner for Affidavits
  • Commissioner for Declarations
  • Dentist
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Legal Practitioner
  • Magistrate
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacists
  • Police Officer
  • Post Office Manager
  • Sheriff or Sheriff’s Officer
  • Teacher
  • Veterinary Surgeon

For a full list of persons authorised to witness statutory declarations under the Commonwealth Statutory Declarations Act (1959), see Statutory Declarations

Regulations 1992, Schedule 2, a copy of which is available at the following url:http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2006C00248)

Units In The Coxswain Grade 2 Course MAR10418

MARC037 Operate inboard and outboard motors
MARF027 Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment
MARF028 Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel
MARF029 Meet work health and safety requirements
MARI003 Comply with regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 12 metres
MARJ006 Follow environmental work practices
MARK007 Handle a vessel up to 12 metres
MARN008 Apply seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres


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